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About the Project

Hemenis is a mobile app that helps users explore the closest business opportunities around them and create  job offerings when they need services for their business or personal lives.


Core workshop
Brand identity design
Persona creation
User journey mapping
User flow
UI design & prototyping for MVP

Core discovery

The product owner was in the industry for over a decade and had so much data about the target audience. With their knowledge and the interviews we conducted with the stakeholders from different areas, we had enough information about the user needs, pain points views and strategies for the product. Facilitated several workshops to help them with persona creation and the user's journey.



The personas were important to analyse the behaviour of the users that accessed the site, its preferences and demographic data.

Brand Identity



Based on the existing data and competitor analysis, we set out to construct wireframes. This process was carried out with the participation of the Product Owner to validate and align the navigation flow of the new hierarchy of information.


Mobile User Interface

There was an alignment with the Brand Experience team mainly in the tone of voice and brand identity, once a new brand guide had been developed.

Throughout the creation process we always started with the mobile-first concept, mainly because it was the main part of our access.

Another interesting solution was to create different content depending on its location since the company is present in almost the entire Brazilian territory.


Web Interface


Landing Page


A Word From the Client

Very creative, clear and concise. They brought a great value-added approach to the early phase of the "Hemenis" start-up, when we had nothing but a great idea to transfer into a user-friendly mobile application.

Mukrime Alptekin - Hemenis Founder & CEO
Mukrime Alptekin
Founder & CEO

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