Rhinoplasty Brand Identity

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logo design for new clinic - doctor-branding-brand-identity-logo-design-graphic-design

About the Project

Op. Dr. Mehmet Erdil is a otorhinolaryngologist. He specialises on rhinoplasty and wants to focus his new business on attracting patients that needed rhinoplasty operations.

The Problem & The Approach

Op. Dr. M. Erdil needed a logo for his new clinic. He knew his target audience well and was aware of his competitors. Based on his knowledge of the market and created mood-boards to find out his taste and desires of his brand's visual appearance.

logo design for new clinic - doctor-branding-brand-identity-logo-design-graphic-design

We agreed to explore half face figures that that will arouse feelings of trust and aesthetics. We researched and explored many alternatives to find the most desired facial form.

clinic logo design - doctor-branding-brand-identity-logo-design-graphic-design

The Result

After many explorations and applications of golden ratio, we decided this logo differentiated his brand amongst the other professionals in the industry.

business card design for doctor - clinic logo design  - doctor-branding-brand-identity-logo-design-graphic-design
logo for clinic - doctor-branding-brand-identity-logo-design-graphic-design-stationary

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